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Why We Are Reliable?

Comprehensive Information

At Cronet, we provide complete information about all essential things so that you can stay connected with the Croatian community, from authentic Croatian food and music to literature and churches, we have all the information. If you are interested in learning about this beautiful and cultural country, please explore our platform now! We have shared diverse information and fantastic facts.

Free of Cost

The best part about our site is that it is free of cost and you won’t have to pay a dime. You can get all the information you need about Croatian culture, society, community and events without any charges. You can look up our site and find all the information you require. Our main aim is to share free information and insights about our country, its people, events, food, and various other aspects with you.


We are committed to quality as we always try to provide as much information as possible about the Croatian community and make sure that the information is relevant for you. We have some of the trusted patrons all across the country – from Melbourne to Sydney. Contributors to our website know all about the culture and country. Plus, they authenticate all their information before posting to make sure everything is accurate.


We have become a reliable name due to our authenticity. As we stay in touch with the officials of the Croatian association, we get accurate news and other information about various events. We know internet is filled with inauthentic information, which is why we are dedicated to provide truthful information about Croatia and make everyone fall in love with the country.

Events list

  • Our Vision

  • Cronet has a strong vision to create a better, lively and colourful place in the world. We understand the importance of culture in this changing society and that’s why focus on gather insights about the Croatian society to create a more empowered community. It doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, our in-house volunteers will help you know everything about your community to let you feel like home. From authentic Croatian culinary delights to shopping strips, schools and churches, we have a complete database with us. So, enjoy the high-end amenities of Melbourne and Sydney while staying connected with your culture.
  • Our Mission

  • At the moment, we have a presence on almost all the major cities in Australia, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Canberra, etc. We are covering all the information, events and news in these locations. As we are expanding and developing rapidly, we want to reach every corner of Australia and provide valuable information about the Croatian society. Our mission is to provide you with precise information about your community so that you can feel relaxed wherever you go across Australia.
  • Our Values

  • Hard-work, honesty and respect for all the cultures are some of our main values that are paving the way for Cronet. The passion of our professionals to gather authentic information and love for the Croatian culture and society has made us a reliable name. From traditional food to holy places, we emphasise on giving you well-researched information because we respect every culture and thus keep you connected with your roots. At Cronet, we have a team of experienced and enthusiastic people who are always ready to resolve your queries. We also have a long list of patrons, like the best Sunshine Coast Removalists , who keep appreciating our work and help us explore new avenues. Our work approach, accurate information and love for the culture made us what we are today.

Cronet Founders

The Cronet was established in the year 1997 by two college friends Ivan Novak and Glenn Smith from Queensland. We made a humble start by covering and collecting information about Croatian people, churches, restaurants, music etc. in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide and other cosmopolitan cities in Australia. However, in the last two decades, we have gained immense popularity to become a trustworthy name. We have a long list of patrons across the country- majority of them comes from Melbourne, Victoria. It is a great initiative to support Croatian people who have been living in Australia for a better future. Our founders are glad the initiative they started has reached success and today, Cronet is a platform that helps Australian and people across the globe get useful and factual information about Croatia and its people living in the country. The dream of Ivan Novak and Glenn Smith has come true and they keep striving to make this website better every day.


Know About Croatian Churches

Australia may not have the same ancient, grand and opulent churches and cathedrals that you would find across Europe. However, in its short history, the country has constructed some impressive Croatian Churches. Get comprehensive information from the Cronet about the most beautiful churches and visit them with your family and friends. We can develop, expand and transform as per the evolving requirement of the Croatian community.

  • Know About Croatian Restaurants

  • Top Croatian restaurants in Australia have exceptional interiors and some excellent dishes that reinvent traditional food with a contemporary touch. In some cases, there is also the addition of native ingredients of Australia. The best Croatian restaurants offer wonderful Croatian dining with the finest produce in Australia. At Cronet, we gather information about all these fantastic restaurants to provide you with accurate information about the top Croatian restaurants.
    • Food Festival (Sydney)

    • If you are a real foodie, come with your friends and family to the Croatian food festival in Sydney on 16th April. Experience the authentic flavours and mesmerising taste of the street food of Croatia.
    • Croatian Comedians (Brisbane)

    • The Croatian Comedians are waiting for you in Brisbane standup comedy show on 24th April. Witness the exceptional event and let them tickle your funny bone. You can book your tickets in advance from brisbanecomics.com
    • Football Fever (Melbourne)

    • The beautiful Croatian ladies will participate in a friendly football match in the Gold Coast on 2nd May. Come and witness this exciting match with your friends and family to make it a memorable game.
    • Croatia Quiz (Adelaide)

    • Do you think you know about the Croatian community, their history and other important events? Then participate in the Croatia Quiz competition in Perth on 12th May. There are some exciting prizes for the winner and runner-up.

Our Patrons