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Our Contribution

  • Helping Croatian People to Settle Down

  • We have changed with evolving requirements of the Croatian community and helped to settle more than 7k people in Australia with our comprehensive information about the initial arrival. Now, we are also providing essential information in serving the ageing population. For this vital information, we do not take charges from our community members. We are just a medium where people help each other for the development of the community. We have patrons who want to assist Croatian people who have moved to Melbourne, Sydney and other cities of Australia to establish a better future. We help every single individual and provide precise information about the Croatian Community.
  • We understand the Basic Requirement

  • At Cronet, we know that getting the information, support and care is essential for you to stay and live independently. Here you will find your community members how can help you differently. We also provide information about every-day tasks, cooking, shopping, personal care, transport, and so on.
  • We Always Intent to Break the Language Barrier

  • Cronet does not allow any language to become a barrier for any person. Many Croatian members find the English language a bit difficult and might face a problem in day to day conversation. Here, such people can easily find new friends from their land and people who speak the same language. Thus everyone can express their feeling completely.
  • We Help Croatian People to stay close to their Culture

  • Cronet has become a medium where the Croatian people in Australia can interact with each other get every minute detail about the Croatian community. This way they stay connected as a family and follow their culture. We inform about different churches, news, restaurants, Croatian associations, and so on people can have access to all the vital information related to the community.

Our Patrons